Kadivasthi (Oil pooling treatment)

Kadivasti is an earliest treatment to heal the back pain. An effective therapy for providing relief for spine related disorders, stiffness, spine strain & pain at lower back region is also relived and removed by making dam of herbal dough on the afflicted area which was then filled with the warm medicated oil. This will relieve the localized pain, tension or swelling & nourishes bone tissue & also stimulates nerve endings. It is also useful in the chronic & acute backaches, muscle spasms, osteoporosis, prolapsed disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica & other spinal disorders.  It also stimulates & nourishes the nervous system.Anti-inflammatory herbs & nervine tonics are been used to heal & strengthen the tissue. Kadivasti is a simple therapy done by pouring the warm medicated oil over lower back & then kept in place by flour dough boundary. A series of the ayurvedic therapies and treatments were effectively works & highly recommended to treat back pain & spinal disorders.


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