Njavarakizhi Treatment

Kerala’s unique contribution to Ayurveda, involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice. Shastika or particular kind of rice known for its nutritional value, is cooked in milk and a herbal decoction made of kurumthotti (Sida rhombifolia) . Four boluses are made of this cooked rice and tied up in linen bags.The fomentation begins with the patients sitting upright on the droni with legs outstretched . The masseurs on either side perform the fomentation process in an identical manner. The movement of the hands during both fomentation and massage should always be downwards.The fomentation continues with the patient on his/her back on the droni. There is also another attendant who supplies new kizhis, which are kept ready in a decotion of warm milk. It is very important to keep the kizhis at a constant temperature. The treatment is over once fomentation has been carried out in all the seven standard positions.In some cases, one of the three supine position may be avoided and the patient is made to lie face down. After the specified duration of treatment, the paste is wiped off with palm leaf scrapers, a suitable type of oil is applied all over the body before the bath. It’s the nourishing therapy. Medicated rice is the main content of Navar Kizhi and this rice enriches medicinal values.Njavarakizhi helps calm the mind and reduce stress. It promotes sound sleep and boosts the immune system. It slows ageing and rejuvenates the body. It improves the lustre and texture of the skin and strengthens the nervous system.

Njavarakizhi is recommended for those who have medical issues like
Bloodborne diseases, Spasticity, Rigidity, back pain, Arthritis, muscle dystrophy etc.

Benefits of Njavarakizhi
  • Relieves pain and oedema.
  • Indicated in arthritis, spondylosis, low back ache etc
  • Good results in sports injury


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