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Udhwarthanam Treatment

The herbal powder is applied and the massage is done for about 15-45 minutes.Udwarthanam is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss. It is a special deep tissue massage using herbal powders.This Treatment recommended for skin rejuvenation and certain skin diseases. Helpful in calming the Kapha dosha. Reduces the excess fat accumulated in the skin.Improves blood circulation which leads to reduction in cholesterol and helps in achieving a good rate of metabolism. The joints become more flexible.Dry Skin and skin with cuts and other injuries. People suffering from eczema.

Udwarthanam is an excellent therapy for weight loss but the results of such massage heavily vary from person to person. After thoroughly analysing the lifestyle pattern of the person concerned, the Ayurvedic physician chooses a combination of herbs and oils that would yield the specific result one is looking for. A noted Ayurvedic hospital in Pune suggests that Udwarthanam can be combined with other treatments like Shirodhara or Takradhara to yield best results. For example, a person suffering from an eating disorder can lose weight by combining Udwarthanam with Shirodhara( Rhythmic oil flow over the forehead) or Takradhara( Rhythmic flow of clarified butter milk infused with herbs over the forehead) to get excellent results.
A holistic approach to weight loss goes a long way in maintaining good health. It is generally recommended to follow a balanced diet along with regular physical exercises. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and include walking or any form of physical activity as part of a daily routine. Yoga helps in maintaining the perfect mind-body balance. All these along with Udwarthanam help in weight loss.

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